MU Legend is currently the most talked about the action MMO game. Players can choose from four distinct classes: Darklord, Whisperer, Blader, and Warmage. MU Legend has great action driven gameplay and character and skill customization.

Hopefully if you see this. Follow r/diablo2 and someone made some good point against playing path of diablo. I would also recommend not trying that mod but instead research and try Hell Unleashed if you haven’t. Definitely worth a try and i think you would really love it.

Pohx Kappa its just a good mod to try and its for hardcore gamers. Like the boss fights are insane and if you have the multiplayer version you need like a party with different jobs. Likes kinda like a wow raid sometimes. And paladin can actually heal so theres support roles and stuff. If you ever find yourself wanting to go olay an older game. Try it then.

MU Legend 1st Closed Beta last week, and now we are looking forward to the MU Legend’s CBT 2. Here is the different languages details:

3 P.M. (UTC) Polish:

4 P.M. (UTC) German:

5 P.M. (UTC) French:

6 P.M. (UTC) English:

7 P.M. (UTC) Portuguese (English Speaking):

8 P.M. (UTC) Spanish (English Speaking):

Mu Legends Beta is near!

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