Pantheon, Rise of the Fallen is what you have been searching for. It has none of the cheesy Blizz-toons that EQ Next was promising, but it does have gameplay you will be familiar with in a game world that looks fantastic. And it’s still in the alpha stage, so, um, wow! It features many EQ developers and will actually be released. It’s hard to ask for much more.

Still, I loved the promise of action-oriented combat in destructible environments. I even grew to accept the parkour elements. If EQN is picked up again, I do hope it has the same kind of combat.

I played Landmark without paying for it, so I luckily dodged that particular bullet. The terrain was littered with claims that had half-baked structures upon them. Where I was, it was truly a ghost town before it ever had people in it.

I had mixed feelings about how SOE handled EQ II and I was sad that Vanguard was ultimately mismanaged, but the team at Pantheon learned their lessons and went back to basics. Because of what I have seen, heard and read about it, I think I may have found a new home outside of Project 1999. Poor P99: it has so many items from all the farmers over the years that trying to enter the bloated economy as anything other than a bone chip vendor is nearly impossible.

wow just wow I didn’t realize how bad they fkd everyone thank god I didn’t give in an pre order when I heard how shit daybreak was. so when is the serious lawsuit gna happen? I’m ready to see it on the news this company needs bent over an fkd with a steel cock .like now.

Well, first of all: You gotta read a little something about the game that you invest in. I had no misconception that EverquestNeXt:Landmark was a building tools game making voxels assets for the team. I knew it was that and you people should have known that also. However with that said, I feel totally screwed by Daybreak Games and I have vowed to never purchase another early-access game again! Simply because they promised things and did not deliver, simple as that. They focused on fluff and avoided the coding for real-water voxels, the NW-SE voxel glitch problems and a bunch of other stuff above my head. Simple as that. Unfortunately, DBG divided the team and spent too much resources on Landmark when it should have served the purpose it was built for, to build assets for Next… instead they expanded it to sci fi stuff and non-essential stuff thinking that somehow they could dual-produce 2 cash cows and instead now they end up with NONE.

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