Why must everyone cheat?! I hope you all get banned. My 6 year old and myself actually play it how it’s meant to be played, we go for walks, run around parks, and socialise with other pokemon fan families when we are out and about. It’s not about winning high levels and gaining rare pokémon, it’s the thrill of the chase and the excitement when a rare pokémon pops up, legitimately. I hope niantic execs watch all these videos and ban anyone that looks to be doing anything suss.

if you buy accounts or pokemon you are a dumb idiot. just dont play the game because you never will be good at it and its pointless if you bought your account. you probably wont even play the game much if you bought an account.

All they do is get ur info sign into a thing called a bot the bot plays the game for you and levels u up a lot and then they sell them for a lot of money and like the next few days ur account will be banned DON’T BUY also if it’s just one pokémon they go on a website that u can “snipe” pokémon it gives u a location on were it is then they take the location and put it in the bot and yea that gets ur account banned really qwick.

I thought id test out a site myself, bought a lv 30 account for 13 dollar, had about 400k star dust, all the region base pokemon, tons of candy for pokemon, ( 500 dratini candy) lots of perfect IV pokemon which is cool, the next thing im gonna check out if the account is going to be banned, i checked teh start date and it was 09 09, so literally a bit over a week so clearly they had to use a bot.

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