I’ve been subbed to Ziggy since forever, imagine my pleasant surprise when a Youtuber I subbed to for Hearts of Iron IV also plays PoE! It’s great to see the community supporting each other.

Characters on the temporary HC leagues get demoted to Standard not the Softcore league on death, and if your character is still alive by the end of the league he goes to permanent Hardcore.

Also the Class you pick matters because later on you can complete the Lord’s Labyrinth and ascend to one of 3 sub-classes for each class which have a small separate passive skill tree with extremely powerful nodes.

Well i dont play that much anymore, just come back to it every new league to play like 3-4 hours a day for a few weeks, but yeah i played it since closed beta which is like 3-4 years if i remember correctly.

armour does jack shit in poe the mitigate phys u need flat mitigation or elemental conversion ur better off with a shit load of regen a decent life pool and atleast 1 bleed flask and a basalt check the armour calculations armour is poe’s biggest noob trap.

Are you sure that physical mitigation works on labyrinth traps? I’m 99% sure that most of them bypass mitigation and do a fixed percent of life/ES. At any rate, even if mitigation works, it’s not necessary – most traps are trivialized by rushing through them with Quicksilver Flasks once you get the hang of it. Izaro is the real threat to worry about.

PoE is an interesting game indeed. It reminds one of the good old D2LOD time, yet adds new levels to it. Unfortunately it (seems to) lack a story, which makes it less appealing to me as RPG and the likes fan. However, for online-just for fun-players it is probably a nice “waste of time”, But I am always a fan of LPer coming to show off games a little, especially those that usually hide under the radar of players awareness. Therefore, kudos Quill, keep that up. Oh and what a shame, you cant summon dwarves as minions, ay?

Most recent is Atlas of Worlds expansion (watch the trailer). Pretty much overhauled the endgame by adding more maps and bosses, buffing boss fight mechanics, and expanding on the end game progression system by rewarding clearing a wider variety and difficulty of maps. As well as being able to influence what types of maps drop (optional min/max stuff) or even increase the “tier” of lower level maps you like so they stay relevant longer (like the tileset, layout, and boss of a tier 1 map but way overleveled to bother? Upgrade it so all future ones drop Tier 6). Overall, very focused on endgame and endgame progression.

Before that was Ascendancy which added a sprawling “Labyrinth” full of side zones and traps and puzzles and an evolving boss fight (if you don’t complete the bosses side mechanic, it comes back later, but you get more loot for the added difficulty). Navigate and complete the “Lab” and you are rewarded with unlocking VERY powerful subclasses (called Ascendancies). This gives each class much more specialized roles beyond passive tree location and enables a lot of powerful builds.

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