It’s because the game is so much more complex than Hearthstone, which everyone know perfectly. He has stuff to talk about when playing PoE, while Hearthstone isn’t interactive and exciting.

Finishing the video: Noticed that it’s both Marauder, which is obviously Kripp’s favorite character by far. Both capitalizing on the meta (he did say he made it 2 months prior, so it just goes to show how Kripp can predict the OP skills (?)).

Hearthstone is just guaranteed views. Blizzard fanboys will watch it until the end of time, so it is an easy way to make money. Also, YouTube does not pay well at all. Streaming makes content creators a lot more money as most donations are through paypal.

No he actually said his build on stream. He didn’t reveal tree or all uniques or gem setups, elemental AW guardian is his secret build. It has 20k armor, 20k evasion, 12k ES, 2k life, 1m single target dps, had max block before GGG nerfed Rumi. It’s not molten strike or any other build that people guessed. Some people confirmed that the math is correct and that the build is real. He just didn’t want to play it this time because it would take some time to prepare all things for this build.

Mathil generally does fairly meta builds. Kripp makes cool builds but they seem pretty average compared to the kinds of stuff other people generally put out when they’re going for “unique” builds. actually sometimes does videos on their channel called build of the week specifically to find interesting builds on the poe forums.

poison is good but its WAY to slow compared to vspark or cospri u should try/watch those builds in action and u will want to delete ur character urs is cheap and efficient but u saw what happend 1 week playtime and quit/bored already cause its to cheap.

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