Fortunately I have a full-time job and could drop $100 if I really wanted to, but I cannot justify spending $100 on it, regardless of my ability to spend it. My point is that they are cripling themselves by asking too much for basic access. Get real, fellas.

have a feeling that only the nostalgia-stuck may be able to actually enjoy this game… which means it’ll be an insular community that constantly insults anyone too used to more modern MMO playstyle and thus drives away anyone who might actually be willing to learn the game.

I’m just hoping the animations I see here aren’t the animations that will be in the final product. They’re so… stiff… for Everquest it made sense because Everquest was REALLY lo res graphics (though I’m sure they were amazing for their time). But this is… not a game from the late 90s.

Attack animations almost look like they were ripped straight from Everquest. Repetitive, no variation. Again, excusable for a game from 1999, not for a game from 2016.

Presentation is an important factor for any game. And right now, I’m not impressed. I’m not asking for anything flashy, mind you, but… I think I’d rather play Everquest than this. And I’d rather play RetroMUD than Everquest.

this game is a mix of DAOC/EQ, the models move just like the ones in DAOC did. although there not as fluid as I would like, honestly I don’t even care. I want that EQ feeling that I had way back when. when I turn on my pc and everything just vanished, and that music.. omg the music….. here we go! I want that back PLEASE bring it back.

The rush to the end and the game-play when you are there sucks! The whole system needs an overhaul. This is not an overhaul. This is the same types of systems we have seen come and go. The whole excitement for this game is based around going back to a system like EQ. Really?

I wan’t something slow, where I can get to know people. I want what u want.. but I just know, this is not it. The more MMOs that come out and fail, the worse the market gets for current mmorpgs. WoW cash shop FFS.

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