They probably didnt watch it yet. Making these videos takes time and you can’t expect they put your clip in this vid if you sent it yesterday. They might not even put it in at all if it’s not that great.

omg… see that mcree with 20 hp killed all of tbem twice really awesome(I can’t kill any one even with full hp.. u know when u using that ulti all will ran away behinde the walls or u will die)… zarya ulti and Roadhog resecue really was fun.

Had that same thing happened the first day of 3v3. my team killed by a roadhog. ran around for 2 minutes while the rez charged up, popping shots off at him until I rezzed my team and they destroyed him.

I’ve got a clip I wanna submit and I saved in my Playstation. so can I upload it in video and send a link via email because I don’t know how to send the clip through email right now.

I had a similiar experience as that mercy in the 3v3. Teammates died and i was left 1v3. Zenyatta confidently rushed me and died, then the same did a mei. Was left against a roadhog and managed to get myself ult charge and ressed my teamamtes xD. Didn’t think of sending it.

I it’s go the game yesterday, and I went into a 3v3 match, I was last on my team as a lucio. I killed the Genji and had 32 seconds left to draw with a rein. But I cornered myself last minute and I got rammed into the truck.

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