Ana is getting nerfed on PTR, but what are the ramifications? In this video, FREEDO argues that the true strength of Ana is the quick ‘burst’ of healing, which most of it will remain, although her bulk healing numbers will go down. Does this kill triple tank? Or just make it harder to play? Undoubtedly it makes Ana harder to play, but as FREEDO concludes, that will have to be a by product of Ana being balanced, after all, her place is likely best left on the fringe akin to other high skill heroes, rather than the centerpiece of the game.

i think that the reason she is able to keep tanks up so well is indeed the 100% heal buff and not the quick 100 hp heal. one of the biggest problems with attacking a rein that has an ana on him right now is the fact that if he has a grenade on him at all then he will never die. I do however see your point about the burst healing because it is kind of frustrating when a low hp tank gets burst 100 hp and then proceeds to never die. but the main reason they stay alive is the 150 heal per second she provides afterwards.

if you tone down the healing buff but keep the burst it should allow for a less tanky meta whilst enabling dps heroes since this nerf will not affect them. Ana’s heal is only powerful on tanks because their large health pool enables her to make full use of the 100% buff where as most dps only have 200. 1 heal grenade and 1 heal will get them full no matter if it is 100% buff or 50%.

Honestly, I don’t think Ana should have a higher HPS than Mercy. I feel like the original intent behind her character was to have a extremely ranged healer who could support from the very back lines of a fight, supporting the entire team (i.e. a little healing over here, a little healing over there etc.), instead of Mercy’s need to focus on one target in the midst of a fight. When you compare these two characters as I’ve described, who would you think needs the higher HPS to still be a valid pick when the other is around? Mercy. A good example of Ana vs Mercy is when I’m playing Reinhardt (which is a lot of the time).

I’ll be swinging at the enemy Reinhardt who’s been dropped low. If a Mercy comes up and starts healing him, assuming I’m at a relatively high HP myself, I’ll keep swinging because I know I can out dps the Mercy’s healing (60 HPS vs 75 DPS). However, if I see the enemy rein getting ana healed (even with no grenade), I’ll probably back off unless I have someone else helping me because the dps and hps are both 75, meaning he just stays as he is until he eventually DOES get a grenade.

I feel like Mercy should get some sort of satisfaction over the Ana in this situation, knowing that flying over to the reinhardt to save him isn’t a fruitless endeavour that an Ana could have succeeded at from a safe distance. There has to be reasons for picking every single hero in the game. Mercy’s should be high HPS, and Ana’s should be her utility and range. Just as Lucio is picked for his speed and Zen for his discord and dps.

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