Probably why I’m always prepared for reaper’s ult. As a Rein I always try to stay aware of what’s going on around me and I great reaper’s sneaky ult with a well placed pin. I’m not very good at dps though. Concentrating on a single target is hard for me, and only spammers like junkrat allow spreading attention.

I main hanzo and even I am preped for flankers such as Reaper, Tracer, D.Va, Junkrat etc. I just don’t get why people can be so blind to things like that. Especially when I’M the one to flank as hanzo and get a team kill…. (without the dragons of course ).

Is kind of sad see that most of the potg are attacking heroes in defense… The defense heroes sometimes are a little underated but I think they deserve more attention.

I’m actually surprised that not more of them are junkrat tho… I play him as my main and I’ve gotten countless team kills with his ult. just jump up behind their team with the mine then drop your tire on them.

There are some genuinely sneaky plays in this montage video, but over half the time, the player isn’t being sneaky so much as being lucky. In how many of these POTGs does a DPS hero simply step out or drop into a street and happen to find that all the opponents have their backs turned to him or her? Then use an Ultimate and congratulate yourself, playa. Even teamkills are not impressive to me when the planets align correctly for the player like this.

The Tracer player who planted her bomb on the roadblock was being sneaky. The Lucio player who squatted and camped on the stairs was being sneaky. The D.Va and Pharah players who flew underneath the map in King’s Row were very sneaky. Some Junkrat plays were sneaky, but that’s sort of his thing.

Where are there any clips of Symmetra building a teleporter just outside the point and delivering her entire team all at once? Where are there clips of Junkrat stopping a payload by hiding in roadside bushes? Where are clips of Widowmaker or Jankrat laying a trap right on top of Sombra’s teleport beacon? For that matter, where are any clips of Sombra?

just be low leveled and tryhard as Genji. That’s what I did at least! They’re all bunched up and if you go for the supports (more likely than not a Mercy and Lucio) then you’ll be able to get the Slice and Dice achievement easily. Else you could just wait for it and then flank well on Dorado or Numbani on Attack. Works for me generally.

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