I already explained why console players need it. They can’t guide exactly where the reticle is like PC can. It tries to even out the playing field but It can’t, because aim assist doesn’t do nearly as much as you probably think. And if it’s easier to aim using mouse and keyboard, how are PC players the gods of overwatch? Console essentially is has a handicap already. But anyway stop saying “100% pure skill” like aim assist breaks the game, it doesn’t ok.

Well first of all, PC players are god at Overwatch, since we can aim rapidly and not as slow as a fuking sloth, and (ofc we are the Master Racers, we just get better by playing PC) It’s still fucked up that they have it. I’ve said it previously, but Aim assist for PC? Are we going to get that because Console has it? Just because it’s different aiming, doesn’t mean the harder needs aim assist!

Thats a really ignorant way to put it since its only one, possibly plat, player on console that had shit aim. I’m actually really good with aiming on console. Just gotta have good reaction time and there’s no point in always flicking the stick all the way to the left or the right during shootouts. That just fucks up your aim.

Would anyone be able to help me? I’ve fully downloaded Overwatch on my Xbox One, I’ve got Xbox Live Gold and have done the tutorial and can get into the practice range, but up the top it says “Game Installing” though I’ve checked and it’s fully downloaded, I don’t know what to do.

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