So you play a game only for graphics, and then go on forum and complain about how the systems don’t fit you? Welp, nothing new i suppose. Entitled people did this in the past 10 years on mmorpgs and ruines 99% of them. One more casualised mmo wouldn’t harm any more i suppose….; not like there’s around 1000 of them to choose from.

this is a comment section on a yt video. No i dont but graphics is a big part of enjoying a game for me. Ye sorry m8 that i dont play games where the graphics are shite. want some fucking anal cream for your uptightness?

an mmo needs to have a really good history, not to you to make a house and make nonsense quests like almost all mmos now a days. We need somethin that makes us play for hours and not to play for minutes and uninstall the game cause it sucks, what we need, in terms of mmo, is epic weapons, rich history, raids (in group or alone), insane dungeons (in group or alone) rare items that only drop rarely by bosses in dungeons, an action mmo (almos an hack n slash), and a character that you can use in both hands weapons, or a weapon and a shield and a 2 handed weapon, you choose, no a specific weapon for your character, but you make your choice of what armor you will use, not because Im a stealth that I must use light armor. That is what we need in a mmo, and not just beautifull graphics!

so no one else is going to point out the fact that THIS IS ARK!?!? The movements the character builds, the map layouts and shit, i should know, i sunk more than 1k hours into that game….i hope this is real and that no fuckery is taking place. This is exactly what I wanted Ark to be, i just hope there was no copyright issues between the both…..gggottdamn it looks just ike Ark.

The assets are off the unreal workshop, as well as some of the dev team have a good relationship between snail usa mentioning some talent swapping as well, so not only do they have a rich company to base off of but visionaries from ark.

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