yes he forgot, old, cool skyfire crown in stash exclusive, it was in promo earlier and it was sooooo rare to see someone with this, maybe nobody had it or person with this stopped playing Trove.

He said that the 100 dollars pack wasnt worth, i agree. But he said just get the dragon hoard pack (the golden one) i was gonna get that today but now after the patch it isnt in the shop anymore, so did he just not see that? or is it somewhere else in theshop? help pls.

Im 800 pr away from 5k pr on my sh D: so close but so far q.q wish i could farm gem dust easier im stuck in u6 cuz gem stats sux and gear isnt much better, (bow is radiant 1 hat and face are s5, and i dont really have the materials to upgrade all of them higher for the time being) and i have radiant gems not stellar gems rip me but i started like…last tuesday i think i can’t remember exactly lol anyway, not entierly sure why im saying all this but meh im bored and i love your videos Scythe xD.

hehe Scythe you getting all confused and stuff about the turkey wings and the mounts, Can get wings from chaos chests as well and you need a total of 4 turkeys, 2 for the 2 roast mounts and then 2 for the 1 shadow turkey.

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