Today in our Trove Let’s Play, we’ll talk about the Snowfest & Get Crafty Patch which will allow players to craft all classes for FREE, adds new craftable costumes, Tannenbomber, the Harbinger of Tidings aka the holiday dragon, the new cash shop Snowfest Pack which includes costumes, mounts & the dragon itself! Also Chaos Chests become untradable along with all loot drops from them.. but at least you can get a chaos chests from any uber world.

Was it wrong to use my winter dragon soul at masterly rank 19??? because I can’t find not only my dragon but I was given items to call my dragon but wasn’t given them…. Help?

They will add every patch on pc to xbox , they just need to modify patches to xbox version , they will update it all at once , but it will be worth waiting.

By “A few minutes” do you mean THIRTY – TWO minutes? Anyways, Thanks man. You’re kind of the only Trove youtuber (Other than Terrpac) That’s actually fun to watch.. I admit, I liked the old portals better. I used to just grind Elite in Neon City easy, but now it’s moved to Uber – 3, which is like ST on Ultra to me. But, thanks for the vids!

someone could do his master thesis about all this grind ^^ so much stuff oh man.. as a new Player who started on ps4 this is much. maybe you can do a video about the store for console once it is on PC Level with updates and say what is worth to actually pay for.

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