So many new ways to do Custom Games now! If you guys have any new suggestions that you’d like to see with the changes as always comment below and perhaps I’ll try it out! Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy the video.

tracers have chances of wining because bastion sentry has increased spread now and they can change the rules a bit if they chose to for example they may say actually tracer could user her weapon and more health but thanks know i have a more balanced idea like one bastion.

I gotta challenge for ya: both teams have 1 road hog and 2 torbjorns, every other character is a sombra. The Road hogs goal is to make their way across the map to the enemies spawn, he cannot heal or use any abilities or weapons and must be crouching, if he dies he has to start over at his spawn. The torbjorns goal is to place turrets around the map in any place (I advise on the road hogs path) to try and kill the road hog, he is also allowed to use his ultimate but only once and if the turrets are being molten cored they aren’t allowed to be hacked, the damage is set to maximum instead of normal. The road hog must continue across his set path even if being shot.

The sombras goal is to hack the turrets but cannot attack the torbjorn. If they die they just run back out and keep trying to hack the turrets, they can use all of their abilities (including unlimited use of their ultimate) and can only destroy the turrets if they have been hacked, also they aren’t allowed to kill the torbjorns. When the road hog reaches the enemies spawn they win.

Isaac Smith what is the point having a torb on your team? you saied that both teams have 2 torbs and torb is bad pick, i mean they both can put only 2 turrets and if road makes past them then road wins. I think defending team should have 2 or 3 symmetras and attacking team has 1 roadhog and no sombras.

Fruit I have an Overwatch custom game for ya. Spiderwomen, all Widowmakers with minimum health, and no cooldowns on Kings Row third point grapple to ceiling over and over if you touch the ground you’re out, or if you get melee’d by someone, you are out, because it is melee only.

I have a idea for you. You should do a all luico. A capture point map. Only boops. Instant capture speed. Luico would basicly try to keep the other team of the point. You also can make it have a longer boop distance. Have higher health. The best maps would be ligaing tower and ilsos.

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