The Whisperer is the Demon Hunter of MU Legend complete with massive AOE bow shots and arrow pumping skills that will ruin crowds of enemies and bosses with ease.

In addition to previewing the Whisperer, as usual, I’ll also be talking about a few other general features including the Skill Crest system, how I spend early Soul Level points, and also how to upgrade your pets!

This is the first closed beta test for the English localized version of MU Legend. It’s off to a good start and runs for two weeks. I’ll be exploring as much as I can to bring you great gameplay and guides a long the way. Expect to see more from the beta and full release!

So my friend, i made the maths and you actually CAN’T use Swift Shoot Forever, i mean you need 60mp/s recovery to actually use the skill in permanent mode, but just with the Skill stats at maximun (60) you are not reaching that ammount, why? it is easy, at 30 points in the skill stat you only gain 12% More mana recovery, that means that you are not longer winning the basic 25mp/s instead you are winning 28mp/s.

I dont want to be a dick here, but it is quite impossbile, i do not know if any item will give you mp recovery being a whisperer. But if you find some way, let me know. BTW you are absolutelly gorgeous.

I think it is possible, i just got a MP REDUCTION item, so with the correct items i think you can reach the perfect build for that, BUT i think it is not profitable while you are leveling up.

I just started playing the beta and it’s quite surprising what this game has evolved into.Back in 2003 when Diablo reigned the scene I was 10 when everyone got hooked up on Mu online (Mu1) and it was such an oddity of a creation that everyone just stopped playing Diablo all of a sudden … since then It has been a long while imagining what could a sequel of this game would have looked like, well – it’s here now and it’s quite different from its predecessor. Also I do see quite the bits taken from other games – I see similarities/inspiration from Diablo(largely)/Aion/9dragons(lol)/Devillian/Lineage(MMO) and lots more games and that’s not neccesarily bad, Blizzard have been doing this since they exist and look where that got them.

I actually am finding myself growing bored with this game. Maybe it’s the character I have, but he’s very squishy, and I hate how the dungeons scale with your level. You can’t outlevel a dungeon, it always is the exact same level as you, meaning you can never just face-roll it. And the bosses have unfair one hit moves that take off a majority of damage, making it a disadvantage to take anything other than a really dexterous character or an XP sponge melee character. I’ll retry with a stronger character, maybe that’s it.

And let me not get started on the fetch quest-based quest system. Other games have those, of course, but at least there’s some variation.

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