MU Legend is an upcoming Free to Play MMOARPG that is currently being developed and tested in Korea, and has already announced plans to be released in North America and Europe….THIS YEAR!

Im totally ok with gender locked characters. Specially nowadays that there’s more than 7 fucking billion genders and you can have up to 5 at a time as long as you’ve unlocked the “SJW” achievement.

Are there spots? Jewels for enchanting? Golden monster for excellent drops? These are foundation for MU, but now it looks like diablo3, you kill monsters in one spot and then go further, boring i might say.

The closed beta starts in November for Korea, and they’re planning on a global release of the game in multiple languages. I’m personally between Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal, liking LE’s darker setting more but LA’s overall features and graphics (minus the saturation, I like “moody, dark” atmospheres more). Smilegate is focusing on Korea/China with Lost Ark right now, which is a bit sad since that may mean a very long wait time for a western release. I have the feeling that the first of these two games to come to the west will be the more successful one; they both look great.

I was a fanboy of MuOnline back in the day. I absolutely loved the game, loved the grind, loved pretty much everything! Played on official servers, enjoyed some of the private ones as well (not even sorry for that, because resets). So with that being said, I will absolutely play the crap out of the new Mu. I will buy a starter pack, I will buy a founder’s pack.. I will support them in any way I can! Hope to see more content on your channel!

Will there be American servers on all three those games and which one will come out for beta on American servers first I’m bored of d3 and it’s a lost of a cause now blizzard knows that.

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