Yep lets have 20 max cap so you will have nothing to do after reach those 20. Resets should not have any limits thats how you will always have something to do when you log in.

not really sure why you refer me as they, I just asked a simple question. It isn’t that obvious since I haven’t played either of the game and just watching game play doesn’t exactly tell me if the game is as good as it looks.

There was one ult move in MU 1 called something like an arcane explosion that needs to be charged up, when releasing it sends a shock wave 360 deg that attacks everything on the screen. Is that move not in this game?

many complaining about reset?because you retards are playing mu private. with max stat… you guys dont know how play normal game. So stop comparing this to your private mu. bunch of weak idiots.

I played it for few days and i have hard time founding something that isn’t problem, such a shame. Even old mu with improved graphics only + meaby those rifts and dungeons would be way better than this shit, i hit max lvl and its as boring as it was.

steparu the skill you have on your right click makes some blades spin, is this because of some upgrade, because in cbt na it doesnt work like that =V maybe they changed someth.

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