MU Legend offers a fun amount of cosmetic items like costumes, wings, pets, and mounts to help you look as awesome as you feel. Here’s a quick guide to getting your first wings and mounts, as well as how to upgrade those wings and find other styles of wings and mounts in the game.!

This is the first closed beta test for the English localized version of MU Legend. It’s off to a good start and runs for two weeks. I’ll be exploring as much as I can to bring you great gameplay and guides a long the way. Expect to see more from the beta and full release!

Which wings and mounts are you most interested in getting first? I picked the angel wings cuz I thought they would look cute on my badass Blader riding a huge wolf xD.

Alternate between Cyclone Slash and your MP recovery attack, preferably Blood Pillage. It’s very effective when you’re against a bunch of enemies. Not only you’re getting all of your mana back in between attacks, but you’re also getting a lifesteal from Blood Pillage (1% default, 2% if you have normal lifesteal crest). Cyclone Slash costs 16MP, Blood Pillage recovers 20MP. If you do it right, you should never run out of mana.

I wouldn’t bother with Sonorous Roar if you’re just soloing (although it is very good for disengage when in party). Not only it doesn’t deal damage, but it also scatters enemies, which is something you don’t want if you’re trying to throw yourself in the middle with Cyclone Slash. Save that skill slot for something else useful like Charge as a back-up escape or Reversed Rage in later levels.

Also, if there’s an equipment that your class can wear, hover over it and hold Ctrl so you can preview. You could’ve shown how cool the wings looked when you were showing them off in the video!

All quests are easy kill quests. There are simply no other quests in the game besides killing. Oh, wait.. no.. there are also click and hold quests, how could I forget about those! As for the wings and mounts… those things used to be special, acquiring them was one of the best moments in the game… here? Just get lvl 20 by killing mobs and you’ll get yourself a pair.

Yeah, I get that, but it’s just a matter of time till you get them.. you basically know 100%, that you WILL get these exact wings, and that you have resources to do so. They are just given to you. It’s not as good of a feeling, as when you actually work hard to get rare and unique wings.. just login every day and farm instances. You get my vibe on that?

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