I don’t know why but this genre of mmo outside of Path of Exile never really appealed to me. They all play the same and never try anything outside the box.

Because ultimately you are playing a game where a majority of the time you see just a tiled floor texture and a small guy doing cone aoe towards a blob of other guys, move and repeat. The gameplay doesn’t lend it self to any real story or atmosphere, the Graphics can only be so appealing in an Isometric viewpoint, music is nothing to write home about in the majority of these. And, ultimately, its is entirely gear based leaving no real room for skill making progression and combat linear and stale.

The Endless Tower is quite fun. Looking for a good group combination and trying to get higher as fast as possible. And a like the fact that your wings change their look when growing them up. I think it’s a nice little side MMO =) can’t wait for revelations online.

Damnit Korea. Gender locking in 2016 still lol. I’ll probably try out this game but I hear nothing but server issues right now. Probably best to wait.

Played the game to about level 15 and for me the biggest problem with it is the very generic loot and the complete lack of skill customization. Yes, you unlock certain skill modifiers but they are a choice between 2% crit chance and 3% more damage and this is very boring to me. The loot seems to be pregenerated and very boring – there is no choice – you just equip the rarest piece of equipment you can find because it gives you the most stats. Overall everything feels on-rails which is the worst kind of feeling you can get from an aRPG. The movement speed is extremely low which makes it a pain to get out of the larger AoE even if you start moving immediately when they appear. The combat and graphics are serviceable though and it can be fun for a couple of hours if you are starved for an aRPG. My advice though is get Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Torchlight 2 or Grim Dawn at this point.

This game for me is pretty fun, most stuff has been cleared for me little lag and decently quick loading, EXCEPT the issue I have is when installing the file is not installing right for me and some of my other friends that play.

Nothing is really touching Path of Exile right now. There’s so much content in the game and it’s not pay-to-win. Grinding Gear Games is an awesome company who actively listen to the community and gives regular feedback on the forums. I got like ten characters with various builds and the beautiful thing is that rolling a new character is never a chore or boring cause it’s like a kajillion builds you can create.

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