The Dark Lord is a surprisingly powerful heavy armor melee fighter! At these lower levels he gets two short cooldown abilities that completely destroy his enemies! Heavy armor AND heavy damage? Yes please!

Of course things are likely to balance out better by end game, but it’s fun to play a plate wearing badass wielding a two-hand weapons and spells to dish out and take damage!

This is the first closed beta test for the English localized version of MU Legend. It’s off to a good start and runs for two weeks. I’ll be exploring as much as I can to bring you great gameplay and guides a long the way. Expect to see more from the beta and full release!

I got my hands on key to MUL and it’s awesome! Something I noticed that anoyed me was the limit of 10 rifts AT ALL per day [meaby 3 per rift? or 2]. Moreover party maching is kinda bad. It should search for ppl from all channels or even globally [it seems it search only for ppl in the same channel]. As for teh gameplay I wanted to play Assasin type but those skills are kinda meh. Full on mage is cool with all AOEs.

well it’s beta so connection issues where expected especially since they said they will use cbt for some stress tests for the servers. Other than that thanks God we only have 10 Rifts a day 😀 You will spend most time in Normal 65 Dungeons (without limit) to farm Epic Gear & Gems. Once you hit 65 there is so much to do even if you play 6 hours a day you still have more than enough to do.

O know it’s beta but connection issue was from my side not server and there’s no reconnect possibility. Even when you lose connection for 5s and get it back, the game will freez and then you will be stuck in game not able to do anything. RR the game will be the only option.

Is it me? or is there a slight delay between the ‘animation of the attack’ and the point to which it starts to do damage? eg. Swing your weapon, a split second later, then it deals damage. I notice this happens to me as well. I’m not sure whether it’s a server issue (I live in Australia) or the game itself.

I’m finding the game a bit boring. I’m lvl 30 in Dark Lord and lvl 20 in mage and I already feel that I have seen all there is to see. Quests are all repetitive and the same, and even extras like the Dungeon Tower don’t really do much to change things.

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