I’m basing it on the fact that MG wings are floating blades, and the 5th char for Legend has floating blades behind her. And also all these MU Legend character are based on or a off-shot of the original MU characters, so it’s gotta be the MG(obviously they won’t call it a MG).

Well in this way u are likely thinging good, yet bit wrong. It is indeed bit similar, but wut u see as her wings, is actualy her weapon. when u are changing armor sets, it also change to some giant ring without blades sometimes and 2nd thing is that, all characters are shown without wings. Yet I like how u look and thing about it, its not so bad.

Well, it’s Mu. It’s not just gender locked, the appearance is probably “locked” as well. You rather choose a character than just a class. I just hope there’s no locked classes like the DL and the MG in the first game, it would be sweet to be able to play then from the start.

I actually liked having to unlock them.. It gave me a goal and something to work towards. The only issue I had is that it took to long they should make it a bit easier.

I think I’m done with Korea built games. BDO kinda killed it for me. After the Tamer issues in that game and their refusal to fix them – Korean’s just don’t know how to fix their own mistakes.

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