I used to play Mu Online for years too, It was my first MMORPG game They didn’t say anything about server location yet. We have to wait, I hope to see at least one server in EU too.

I didn’t notice any trends in choosing class. Usually when I applied for any dungeon we had every class in group. On first CBT Dark Lord was strongest class, but they probably nerfed it before second CBT. We will see on incoming global CBT no lower ping.

It’s Unreal Engine 3. It looks fine, same quality as Diablo 3. But yeah, Webzen is kinda late with releasing this game. It would be amazing 2-3 years ago, now… it might look like outdated game.

I like the idea that Basically took an aspect from every MMO and put it into one. But, I don’t like the fact that it won’t necessarily have the same feel as the old Mu. Nonetheless, I will still play this game.

Actually it is spammable same like in Mu Online. You can hold button and keep spamming every skill marked by small battery sign on it. But Mana is going down fast like this even on max level.

Yes, You can upgrade your items in Blacksmith’s place. There is a Jewel of Bless and You use it for enchanting your items. Jewel of Soul doesn’t exist in Mu Legend, at least for now. There is a jewel with similar look to Soul, but the name is different and purpose of its existence is different. It increases success rate of enchanting items.

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