It’s because koreans don’t care about story, setting or style, they just want to grind, compete and pwn noobs to assert their dominance. P2W is a pretty natural thing in asia too, as if you have money and success in real life (and thus is a better person), why shouldn’t you be able to reflect that success in game too? Other scrubs can just work harder if they’re jelly.

So we often make the mistake of thinking korean mmo’s are supposed to be fun, which is absolutely not the case, it’s more like a gladiatorial arena ie. a chance to show who’s better.

The gameplay seems decent enough albeit almost identical to Diablo, but the artstyle is just…ugg. It just screams “bad anime taken to the extreme.” When you have a character that looks 12 in gigantic armor, but has the voice of a forty year old man standing next to an even younger looking female character with E cups, you are just trying too hard to attract a bad community of teenagers. It is entirely subjective, but this over-the-top spike and wing fetishism is just an instant turn-off for me in games. Sadly, it is rampant in Korean MMOs.

It deffo looks to be good at what it’s doing. You’ve never really shown the group experience in Mu, if you could rope anyone into it (even dirty fans) that could be good.

Crendor is this the same game as Mu X but with the name Mu Legends? I saw the Mu X trailer a while back, this was my first MMORPG EVER!!!! Man back in the day 2nd grade for a few years too.

The wings. The armor on males and lack thereof on females. The story STARTING with time travel. The anime cutscene contrasting the in-game art style. Only in a Korean MMO lol.

I used to play Mu 10 years ago, and suddenly last week i recieved this e-mail with a mu beta key, i thought it was fake, then i saw your video and looked for the e-mail. Guess what? it was real, and i got on the beta as well.

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