My Content Is Intended For A Younger Audience. No Swearing, No Cursing & No Profanity (I might play mature games every now & then) Now that I have powerful gems for magical and physical damage in Trove, I decided to put ranged characters to the test!

Pure DPS wise Dino Tamer is stronger than both Neon Ninja and Gunslinger. That being said he’s similar to Revenant in which he’s his strongest with a hybrid build.

Thanks for the support man! There’s gonna be so much more exciting things to come And congratz, YoloKingHD, you won the Love Bug!!! Just catch Scythe online, whisper/spam him EVEN if he’s appearing offline and he’ll give you this prize! Enjoy!

Can anyone add me on trove and give me some rainbow equipment plz because I really want to get to 400 power so I can got to shadow tower, thank you. My name on trove is Chickenpoo12.

I hope you all are doing wonderfully and thanks for being patient for so long XD I wanna congratulate, Boyd De Regt, YoloKingHD, KyngKiwiz, and Azors for being today’s lucky winners and to say goodluck to the future winners of these Trove giveaways See ya next time, and stay epic Also thank you all so much for your support, we really do appreciate it and you!

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