About the weapons, they do have level requirements as you said in the video however; you can still use them to upgrade your current weapon with no penalties. I was level 15 running around with a heavily upgraded hongmoon weapon.

As always, great video FG! One question, how graphically demanding is this MMO? Will I need a super computer with a mega graphics card to run this? This game looks very promising and I would love to hop in.

I love Blade and Soul, in my opinion BnS is the best example of an MMO with perfect fundamental factors to BEING an MMO. Although it does lack the “wildcard” aspect of new gen MMO’s. To my knowledge, there isn’t a housing, guild housing/castle, merchanting system, etc you know? Like in Archeage they had a lot of cool stuff, just the p2w and endless grind kinda ruined it… Imagine if BnS had those merchanting systems, pirating systems, the factions were a bit more in depth and the guilds as well, maybe add a battlefield mode along with arena, etc. That would be so cool haha anyways good video and good review.

I tried the game when it came out and there were so many problems. There were days-long wait times to actually get into a server, bad textures and chugging framerates, and a game-breaking bug that made me have to resteart the game about 10 minutes in. The UI was also very hard to understand; it was not very noob friendly. Which is entirely necessary to a brand new release. Point is, BnS is shit.

I’ve been a part of the Blade and Soul closed beta testing phases and I loved my time spent testing everything. I was an assassin, and I tested out all the classes, but I seemed to only like the Assassin and the Blade Master. Though I hope I like the Warlock when it comes out. One question: How did you acquire your cosmetics? your accessory sash, your weapon’s current skin, and outfit? The BnS team said that everything can be obtained through dungeons and quests, but I’m curious as to how you got your stuff. Did you buy them through the Marketplace, or find all those pretty items through dungeons? Because I do hope that I can make my character look that good without having to dump money into the game just for silly outfits just so I can make my character look epic.

All costume that isn’t from Hongmoon shop can be obtained in-game, though about half of them are hard to obtain due to RNG drop from boss so you might have to grind dungeon many times for them. Weapon skin is easy but tricky one, because not many people know about how to do it, but you only need another weapon which shape you like, then use it as glamor on your current weapon.

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