The thing is, any game that has a meta is allowed that way because you can change/fix your spec. There is fundamentally no way to do that without recreating the character. And if you mess up at like rank 6, you’ve just lost weeks of work.

Progressions aint slow, everyone is just grown out of patience nowadays…. try playing nonpaying Age of Wushu… semi-actively it will be around year to get to end-game as weak. and add much more to be a decent character in that end-game content.

What do you call meta anyways? There are certainly a few classes that are stronger than others but most classes are actually viable as long as there is synergy in your build, stats and gear.

great vids lol have some fun once in awhile with humor it would bring more subscribers! I for one love the content you never miss a beat with info, add some humor to that and you got me watching every single video no matter the subject just because i know I’ll be entertained.

What I hate the most about this game is that you have to pay real money to change your team’s name like wtf the game said you could change it anytime when you’re creating the team name then afterwards it fucks you in the ass by saying you have to pay cash, fuck that!

This might sound pretty bad but i quit the game because of the bug where it makes my character’s head go nuts. That just ruined the whole experience for me of the game and made it boring on my part.

yes, you should whenever you feel like its time to play some diablo like rpg thats not diablo. But dont expect to hit max lvl, this game is about leveling and not about getting to lvl 460+. Its about developing the character not reaching the end.

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