We honestly believe that we are the best place online to buy Path Of Exile Orbs online. But we are also huge fans of the game just like you. That is why we love sharing information about the game we feel is cool or interesting and today we have some info that is both of those things.

Lightning Tendrils has been something that in all honesty was useless since the channeling system was introduced in 3.10. Well, Grinding Gear Gears has done some major work on Lightning Tendrils and now it is something that is not only pretty darn devastating as an attack but also really fun to use.

The way it works now is a channeled skill. When using Lightning Tendrils, you can now easily move the attack and take out pretty much who you want. Before it was locked in one of a few directions, but that is not the case now. Also every fourth pulse, more damage is going to be dished out. If you are taking on a bunch of weak enemies, you can do shorter, quicker and less powerful blasts to take them out.

Grinding Gear Games have also updated the way Lightning Tendrils looks and we think the new graphical effects and the way it actually hits an enemy is really cool.

We would love to hear what you guys thoughts on this skill rework are. We hope people are willing to give Lightning Tendrils a chance now, we have a feeling it is going to be something newer players gravitate towards.

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