Trove is a sandbox MMORPG developed by Trion Worlds. And it is open on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Trove has a simply screen with box game.

1 like=No more attack on JubJub
1 sub= closer to 100.000 (650) WOO HOO!!
1 skip= You attack JubJub! M?Kick them

There are many player want to join in the club. Xbox players are so much salty. Jubjub was peaceful for many moons. But when Fire Nation attacked, the peace is no long exist. I totally agree the Xbox community is completely toxic.

His name was fallout Maureen me and someone asked kraw PS some of the rules in your club are a little to strict like no talking in all caps but still this clubs cool?.

Just as you see, sythe is a never giving up and savage man. But there are still many gamers likes him and want to join with him. A random player competing with a Youtuber, that’s cute. For people wanting to join Jub Jub, you will more than likely have to get a hold of Krawl or Jezter1305 in game. You have to be on in order to get an invite and we have to have room open.

But Scythe is busy and usually does not have time to personally invite people.

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