So great. Not only is he playing guitar beautifully, but also bass. John, if you ever see this know that you have inspired me to be original and have helped me face difficult situations with the beautiful simplicity of your music. Mr. Frusciante, we need more artists like yourself. But if we look hard enough, we will find many. Thanks for your amazing pieces of musical art, John.

Gosh, nobody compares. JF is one of a kind. There are so many ways I can continue to compliment him, but sometimes silence is the best appreciation for the best things in the world.

I recently started listening John´s solo albums, and this one is just magic, pure emotion, dedication, beauty in every note of every song, this and other songs have actually made me shed a tear, and Heaven will definitely be heard at my funeral.

The latter part of the song (light, I guess) reminds me a lot of murderers. Both of which are so different from his more well known productions, yet so deep and beautiful. Those bass lines on ‘light’? My God… Brilliant… And John was playing that bass too, if I’m not mistaken.

Neither is John man. I’m not saying Buckethead isn’t to john’s standards, but John isn’t someone to make music with anyone personally. Look at the Chili Pepper’s guitarist now, he’s the only guy John has really made music with because he knows him personally. It could be Van Halen for all John cares, if he doesn’t like the person, he wont do music with them, period.

John is very modest and reclusive (not really outgoing). The only people he’s worked with are the Chili Peppers, a couple people on his newer albums and Josh Klinghoffer (new guitarist for the Chili Peppers). He’s not one to go out and make music with everyone.

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