Is Trove on Consoles better than PC? Today we’ll start a new file and Let’s Play series of Trove on the Xbox One Console Version! In this video, I’ll talk about the difference between Trove on PC and Xbox One / PS4, explain How to Play Trove and How Trove Works for new players & beginners.

AnimeNightcores150 not sure because I don’t have a console but PC trove you can make dungeon but here is a note trove player are decreasing rapidly but new players are also coming.

Nico Battiste in the main (hub) world you go up to the merchant (in the building near the two ponds), and then buy a fishing pole and lure from him, and then go near the water and press square/X (ps4/Xbox). hope this helps.

Im on xb1 and im stuck at the Uber-1 portal, im level 11 and im 364 power rank and my friend is just a little behind me but we die so fast in dungeons so I can’t get any better gear any help from experienced players?

I am thinking that they made all classes credits for the beta. You can choose the one you want at the start then you get another class coin to choose whatever other one you want. I hope they remove credits and let you buy with cubits for atleast some of the other classes after beta.

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