I think this guy means that scythe should phrase to make his sentences shorter. He should plan ahead with scripts because you can tell he isnt.

The best way to level for me is that I go to the highest uber I can get in. Then start following groups(not leeching) and counting my way to get 50 gem boxes without looking at the xp bar.

You will realize that you crossed from half or quarter of the xp needed in no time. I do repeat that in sky realm and igneous island and the water one and get 150 gem boxes in know time and in the same time I save all boxes for box opened contests I know what I said seemed complicated but idk I just said it hehe x).

i have actually quit trove… becouse when MOP came out it was p2w and now im asking waht is the chace of a gem brekaing if its 1/25 ill start playing again but i just asking is it worth it to play trove without spending money on the jade clovers once i came to trove and i saw the jade clovers to cost 5 credits i just fliped.

I feel kinda sad cause I’m having fun discovering new things with my friends but one quit after reaching mastery 20 and me and my friend are still at mastery 12 and we are discovering new things …dragon souls and stuff I wanted to go in shadow tower but I realised …this game is an Adventure first 10 mastery levels after u discovered all the things it’s just GRIND ….THR GAME IS SO COOL BUT THE GRIND I NEED A LIFE 2 soooo idk what to do we were having so much fun.

Little rectification for the 3 star dungeons: The two first bosses gives you the normal amount of xp, but the final boss give 2x the normal amount, so it would be equal to completing 4 dungeons instead of 3 (the final boss seems always a little more tougher than others, and the loot is better from them).

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