This game is waste of time fcking huge world traveling and quests takes your all time then you lv up for what? fighting agaist korean pros ? i played like a few weeks and it was like that open game take tasks travel kill monsters again and again then take another tast from other side of map it doesnt feel me special i didnt have fun but its good game if you have 10hours a day improve your combat skills and fight with korean players.

i’ve been waited for this for too long ! im 28 now you fucking shit heads! now i cant even play games like this for a long time because i have work now!

this trailer makes me sad.. it just a reminder of how awesome blade and soul could have been, the animations are better the graphics are smother, the classes are way dumbed down even on just a few of the skill I recognized from here. sad really sad.

I was in high school when this trailer came out. Now I’ve finished college and have a full time job…. Don’t even have time to play this fucking game now, 6+ years to release, what a joke.

if time and graphics determine a game good or not, then World of Warcraft already long gone seeing it 2004 or bunch of hit indie game with 8-bit, 2D graphic but they still make a huge hit. As long the game still fun, then graphic not matter.

Too bad a lotta the things shown in the this weren’t in the current build such as the gunmaster class, some of the basic enemies and lighting/environments are slightly different, though that I don’t mind as much. (Also to be clear I’ve gone though a lotta the areas on the CN server which is probably as up to date as the KR one and didn’t see them).

Well if you’re into semi nude females with comically gigantic tits and/or other body parts, no back story, silly looking monsters/races and soulless grinding, I can see why you’d consider Asian MMOs kick ass compared to their western counterparts, like ESO, which are exactly the opposite.

This is ridiculous. 4 long years and it is still not westernized yet? I get it that you need voice actors and you have to get professional translators for this but really? To top it off the associate producer Devin Myren and the Lead content writer Conor Sheehy who were supposed to westernize Blade and Soul are no longer working on that project. So who is now? The last post that was ever mentioned on the website was in 2012. I thought I would never see a company shit on their community any more than NC has. It just takes 5 min to give a little update from time to time. It is sad really.

Yeah and honestly you dont get answers anywhere else, its just speculation after another and tbh im sick to death cause of it. I cant believe they leave us wondering if this god damn game is going to be released for NA, or hell even a reason as to why its taking so damn long and what they might end up doing instead of being the cowards they are presenting themselves to be.

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