My exact thoughts. True AI in MMO? You can easily SCRIPT mobs and make it feel “random” but I don’t want that. I want unpredictable and adaptable AI. If AI isn’t done right, you can count me out.

Wow that games sounds like much I hope it wont dissapoint us. But I have 1 BIG complain about this game. There are Yetis, Unicorns, Zyklopses and much more, but where are my camels at dude!!!!!!! Is it so difficult to place a single camel in the world come on developers give camels some love.

Man the Night in Dark in Light just gets more and more like a death sentence i’m really hoping they make PvE servers cuz just the environment sounds like a bitch to deal with now adding on blood hungry players on top of that some of the monsters being able to one shot you thats just a bit of overkill.

Combat looks sexy. Now you probroly going “we have not had a combat trailer yet” Yea yea i know, but there is combat shown. First in the trailer of the magic use. Animations looks smooth, had flash to it, seemed powerful, and mmmm, dodging. Also there is a gif of what looks to be a ghost with a scythe kicking somethings shit in hard and that looked to even surpass the quality of black desert and blade and soul.

So the rundown, if this game plays how even the smallest bit was shown and how it looks, then this will be just as, if not more successful then ark or even skyrim. But all we can do is hope.

I love this. This could totally be my replacement for Chronicles of Elyria which seems to have given a little too much attention to it’s kickstarters. I understand appreciation for support, but to practically give them dominion of the game is a little excessive in my opinion.

I’m hyped for this game. But please lets not get ahead of ourselves. Cry, you said the AI seems pretty intelligent. That’s not possible. We have yet to see any real game play at all yet. So I would say at the most that Snail games is hinting at having smart AI. How smart? We have no clue. And until I see game play or play it myself i will NOT claim the AI “seems” intelligent. EQNext said to have “Emergent AI” and all that really ended up being was unsuccessfully implemented theory. So again, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Most games that are coming out are not copy and paste, thats why stupid players give up on the games or complain. The games are sandbox, much to do and they say “im bored!!! I dont see ! to tell me where to go and what quest to get” the mmorpg playerbase are clueless morons.

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