I think they announced that Dark And Light will have 3rd person view also. Which is great, because for me also First Person is a deal breaker. Seeing all the hype for this game though, I’m worried it’ll turn out like Black Desert… At least Steam does let you get your money back for a game you played less than 2h, without threatening that they’ll never let you buy this game again and will bring further consequences, like Daum/Kakao…

Ayyye, the addition of third-person is awesome, so it’s great that people will have a choice (I personally dig 3rd person, though I was interested in the game regardless). We’re slooowly getting more information about the game, but no gameplay footage yet, sadly. I don’t know if you’ve seen the press release from today, but I’ll drop a link with the info below. No word on P2W, of course, but we shouldn’t expect that to happen until its actual release (while hoping it doesn’t happen). And yeah, Steam is great about refunding — a lot of the time they even let you refund if you’ve played over 2 hours.

Is it normal to have such a small amount of information about a game when it releases in around eight weeks time? Even the official website is extremely bare bones. Makes me a bit wary of DnL to be honest.

Idk I use to feel that way but I think UE4 arpgs mobile games are decent. Been playing HIT for quite awhile if i’m not doing anything else. They have a stamina-like system but there aren’t any issues of running out and they’re really generous with the real money currency giveaways.

But after I played it for more than a few days all other mmos look like just that, MMO-s, without real RPG part without real sandbox, mortal online and darkfall online give hope that mmorpg genre will go back to its roots and stop holding hands of players. But you are right, its indie game and only 2 or 3 devs work on it, it is improved much overtime but still has lots of problems. But like I said it gives hope that someone will make real mmorpg with no p2w nor cosmetic and stuff like that, it ruins imerssion, we need real sandbox AAA title in this sea of themepark mmorpgs.

I want to try Lineage Revolution, i have a Bladedancer on Lineage 2 that is a little over a year younger then the game itself. While I like how blade and soul plays I’m still loyal to Lineage 2 and I hope this is a good branch of it.

Not a fan of mobile games, and as you say it may well be another cash grab. Ncsoft is so focused on mobile that they even leave out what they do best, mmorpgs, I would love and play without thinking twice a “new” lineage 2 on unreal 4 if they decide to develop one, even if its just a “graphics improve” and the same mechanics, but no, they are releasing an a hack n slash and just mobile games. Dark and light does look really cool indeed, while im not a fan of “sandbox survival” games ill be lf any gameplay you may do to get to know it better (I apreciatte it, but a 5sec ig fight wont sell me anything just yet), good thing with ue4 is that it have really cool lightning and overall graphical fidelity, bad thing is its a mess to code and properly optimize a game with it, so, keep that in mind.

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