I really hope this has action combat and is not tab targeting. Looks amazing to play in this world. Have dungeons,monsters,bosses in that environment! Black Desert is ruined with the P2W, Blade and Soul had the grind+no healers/tanks, TERA has the worst optimization ever but the best combat and dungeons, GW2 is getting old and is not true action combat,LOTRO has died, Wildstar is too cartoony for my taste, SWTOR is more sci-fi than high fantasy, and WoW I stopped playing .Waiting for this game,Bless Online, and Revelations to save the MMORPG genre.

i did the same but with tears of joy in my eyes. Finally Dark & Light returns. I just hope the World is ready for this kind of Game…i was very sad how the first Version of 2004 was shut down 2 years later.

Holy crap, is this the game I remember playing back in the day? Where the world was HUGE and you could like literally go sledding down mountains on your shield or fly a glider around the world.

Please don’t be full of bugs, please don’t be pay to win, please don’t be poorly balanced, please don’t be poorly optimized. A survival/mmo hybrid is something I’ve wanted to see for a long time. I could see this being epic but it could also be a complete joke, really looking forward to trying it or at least seeing some gameplay videos to get a better idea of how good it’ll be.

This game was once released in 2004 and shut down not long after for” reasons”, then Snail Games took over this IP. and since then, they develop in shadow for last 10 years, so yeah do some research before jumping into conclusions.

I remember playing the original in beta years ago. I had thought this game got buried and forgotten! If any of that was ingame footage I am stoked to see what will happen this time around with this game. Putting it on my to-watch-list!

Please tell me this isn’t a Korean MMO. I only say this because of the many that I have played I can say that they don’t translate well, their storytelling is horrible, and more often than not there is no endgame.

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