They’re pretty different games. Crowfall is made by a U.S. company so you won’t have to worry about all the typical shit that happens to basically every Eastern MMO. I don’t see any huge glaring issues with Crowfall other than that the hardcore nature might turn some people away. However I think it will attract many more people that are sick of the same shit when it comes to MMOs.

They have mentioned that there will be more character customization, but the gender/ species lock will probably remain. I don’t have a problem with it if you can look really different from gear/ physical differences, which they are planning on.

Great Video thank you! is there any chance you could make a video going through every skill tree I cant play the test yet. So a up to date overview of current skills and what you can spec in would be amazing.

I’ve been waiting for a game like this I’m glad that I have to actually communicate with people instead of actually just soloing everything, and I’m WAITING for it to come out, I’m buying it on release. I already applied for open beta. I came like this will bring a lot of people in, I can already see it. No one likes soloing stuff, it gets boring. I rather have to fight with guides and everything, making new friends and ect. Whats the point of playing a MMO if you aren’t socializing.

People are going to “math” this out as well. At the end of the day, all games that use statistics have optimal builds and strategies. Just because there is so much to process now in the alpha, doesn’t mean that people won’t have worked out the strongest builds early into the game’s life. If gathering results in faster, more meaningful growth, expect a large percentage of the player base to specialise that way from the start.

Hopefully there will some kind of way for players to avoid being punished for going all in on one tree, only to have it balanced or nerfed. I know that I personally would be pretty pissed if the tree I invested months of progression into became undervalued after a couple of balance changes. That’s not fun for anybody.

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