Two decades of gaming has me fairly confident that I’m in exactly the right genre. Devs need to quit trying to reinvent the wheel with every aspect of games though because the return on that investment is shallow, crappy gameplay that has some nifty tricks like momentum-based damage and voxels that inherently generate lag during large sieges. ACE devs have gone a long way downhill to try and sell a watered-down nerf-coated version of Shadowbane to their Wiz101 fanbase. Just disappointing to see yet another company pull a bait-and-switch maneuver just to get their product funded.

“tech alpha phase”? “promotion open beta”? do you even know what you are talking about or are you just regurgitating buzzwords like a well trained consumer? the core concept of the ranger/archer is not going to change, even if it could. they obviously (apparently) want it playing like a turret or they wouldnt have made it like that in the first place, they dont see it as a problem so it wouldnt make sense for them to change it. so lets move past that point of debate and actually discuss the problem. you know, instead of using the alpha safeword that apparently renders any part of any game not yet released completely immune to scrutiny, forever.

I enjoyed it. I was playing a duelist and had a lot of fun. For being an alpha it is very well done. I was watching the development of this game throughout and was very concerned about the combat that I saw especially since they didn’t have an NDA (which may have been a mistake to allow footage at such a raw stage, but whatever). I’m glad I waited and am not disappointed. I did a lot of crafting and have to say its some of the most fun I’ve had crafting in any game and its still in alpha. I have played 5 or 6 alphas now and this one is by far the best for the stage its in. A lot of kudos to ArtCraft.

Thanks for the update. Movement seems fast and fluid, but other than that this still looks far from fun. You can tell single target damage is scaled WAY down in preparation for large scale battles, nothing is dying. Same 4-5 abilities being spammed with the occasional big ability that still does nothing. I don’t see much strategy here or potential for outplay, not with movesets that small/weak. The graphics and animations don’t help either, although I’m sure visually and mechanically its being prepped large-scale PvP so lets see what it has to offer there.

Movement looks quite good but the spell effects visually need a major boost imo, they look way too cheap for a 2016-17 game, they need a boost not only graphic/animation-wise but design-wise, the effect from this attack were you send a fire wave look so-so bad… that’s the best they can do/think? that’s the limit of their imagination? because if that’s their limit then that’s really disappointing.

Thanks for the video. Good, honest analysis. Left wow due to simply not having enough time to play, keep up and deal with the Mythic KS/Raid progression anymore. Backed this back in ’15 and forgot about it, think will throw them some more cash. looks fun and something I won’t have to dedicate 40 hours a week too.

Ok so the combat looks a lot better and faster in the video.. way more chaotic and in your face … This is really awesome. The combat was my biggest complaint and after dumping hundreds of dollars into the game already was a huge mark that was holding me back from pushing the game on friends . This just gave me major hope, I will have to get back in and see how it’s feeling now. Thank you for your videos, very well done !

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