From the looks there aren’t any shadows yet or any particles aside from the character’s weapons. The sky definitely looks unfinished, too. As this test was focused on functionality and stability it’s bound to look somewhat basic. I’m sure they have means to make the game prettier. Some dynamic lightsouces, atmospheric fog, ambient occulsion, etc. will make the game look good. Plus the stylized gfx are a matter of taste. If you don’t like this kind of style you’ll probably fail to like the game for style later. I think it looks decent and has some really interesting character designs.

the size of this game dwarfs ark. Its easy to have decent graphics when the map is small. The gameplay of ARK also sucks donkey dick. Its combat is a joke. I would rather play a game with decent combat mechanics over pretty textures. The face that you even compare them makes me laugh. Ark is a joke. If your going by what wiki says about game development you are a moron.

at this stage average and fun is SO GOOD! Revelation online looked so fucking amzing right and look at what a POS it turned out to be. Crowfall pre-alpha test was very limited and very focused on getting a few things right. Well, congrats to ACE. They definitely got them right and as merely a by product, created a fun little game that most of us played literally the entire weekend non-stop.

Don’t get me wrong, Forge was fun the little time it lasted, but you really shouldn’t comment on a game that doesn’t have the same genre and comparing them when one was a full release and the other one is in pre-alpha. It’s like comparing bananas and oranges atm.

Crowfall isn’t a grind MMO. There will be a need to gather materials for crafting, but that’s part of the PvP. If you don’t want to be a harvester, you can protect your guildmates while they harvest or, if you play in a campaign that allows player looting, kill other guilds’ harvesters and take their resources. There will also be POIs (lumber mills, quarries, etc.) where you can get large amounts of resources, but the POIs will be fought over and caravans will be needed to transport the resources. The caravans will need to be protected.

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