As in the past videos I give you the points and follow up with the score. This is my favorite game right now. Even with that the score won’t be what you think. Because my likes come second, the realism of everything comes first.

After playing since official launch in January i must say that this game is at the moment probably one of the best f2p mmos out there. It is quite good designed and it never really gets boring.

I gave blade and soul a chance, I tried hard even after I got burned out. 580ap main warlock toon, a 500ap soul fighter toon and a 450 ap destroyer, each toon with 7 cash shop outfits and accessories all bought with ncoin. I tried hard and invested hard and I cant look back and say that I got my money’s worth else I would be lying. The only thing that satisfied me for bns na/eu was the pixels thats it.

The rng for bns west is abysmal compared to the other regions, key features are locked behind microtransactions for no fucking reason other than to milk western players. Why is it other regions dont have this problem? Why are people enjoying themselves in other regions while we here in na/eu waited the longest yet still got stuck with this pile of shit version of an awesome mmo? Why?

Its not fair. We waited the longest and got the most nerfed and shittiest version of all other regions. NCWest/NCSoft got me good, that I’ll admit but I’m done for good as of today. I’ll be back when they start giving out the good stuff for little to no effort when they realised they cant keep the spending playerbase as they did before by then its going to be too late if it isn’t already but at least I’ll finally get those items and perks that was justly due since bloody january 2016.

If any part of the combat is boring its cause ur playing force master. If it’s not, then combat should be entertaining with any class. Also, I agree summoners are an ez class, but so are force masters. And, a lot of ppl who do pvp hate summs lol, but that’s usually just in bronze and silver. Regarding spam bots, ncsoft stepped up and now I rarely get pm’s from spam bots so that’s good. Grinding? Well, that’s any mmo. And, pay2win… Actually, this is also “pay 2 be lazy” not pay2win. You could just buy gold to upgrade gear, but the mechanics are more important than how much ap you have. Past 600ap is kind of unnecessary. I agree the exclusive wardrobe is really stupid and they should change that. Finally, I’d disagree with the rating because its not really pay2win, but rather “pay 2 be lazy”/”pay for advantages”. If anything, I’d minus points for story line or grinding.

imo i love the game i love the combat the community the story etc one thing that i understand is that we as players cant really complain about p2w because if the ppl need to make money to keep the game running its not free. if u put out the effort even if ur f2p you can progress smoothly in the game i created an sf last month and its now 500 ap which gives me access to every dungeon in the game actually,you can also make decent gold one if your lucky and 2 if you know what to do where to farm etc all in all if your an impatient person who just wants shit handed to you this is not your game you gotta work for your stuff

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