I love the outfits, they’re quite alluring, but that song, its quite catchy and I can’t get it out of my head, it has such an attractive tune. You did a good job syncing the video to the song.

anybody that can point me in the direction of the english patch? That would be great….and 2011 fan so goin on 3 years of hope and more hope that there will be an english version but tired of the wait so i’m willing to download it now even if just the main parts are english and not the whole thing……PLEASE?! the art and graphics of this game are top notch, there isnt a game that can come close to this amazing blob of raindbow.

I’m just wondering though – they are obviously going for the crowd who likes to watch sexy girls in a game like this (aka TERA syndrome) but my god why make their skin look plastic like that. It’s so creepy at times!

too much work thanks anyway. Ill just wait for NA release and worry about the only female outfit i actually like in the game then… Male class is funnier to make anyway. my assassin is the old spice guy.

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