Hi, Guy, thanks for your sharing all classes overview, which is useful for many players. As we all know, there are 7 classes in blade and soul, and each class has its own features. Some classes are good at PVP, but they are weak at raiding alone. If you want to learn more about their advantage and disadvantage.

I started off with a blade dancer, but ended up getting killed alot. I loved the skills, but you really need to know what you are doing with that char haha you can become a real epic player, or a shitty player like me XD. Now Im with a summoner, still newbie at lvl 23, but damn the difference at the start point.. I could finally solo dungeons lol.

This guy speaks English yet they asked him to say the sentence “is just one stat in the assassins particular arrangement” and he didn’t think to say “that’s not an actual sentence”.

They should add a vast number of different mythological, fantasy, sci-fi , mutants, mutant humans, cyborgs, aliens, various creatures, animals and robots etc. to play as character races in this game, unrelated to the classes or just block them in groups to a class if needed. Something anything, just add more options, after playing Tera I’m sick of seeing nothing but half naked human characters, at least in Tera I could play as a rabbit. In Street Fighter they made the human characters really cool and unique, as well as Tekken plus they added some animals. Looking at Blade and Souls race selection, all most makes me not want to play the game, regardless of how good it might be, I mean you end up playing these characters for hundreds if not thousands of hours if you are really into the game. I rather play as a random letter from the alphabet or a tin garbage can than have to play as any of these characters. Actually that’s not a bad idea they should add letters of the alphabet and tin garbage cans to the race selection too!

I don’t like the direction they went with Summoners at all. It has always been my favorite kind of class to choose, but I can’t get over how stupid and goofy that cat is… if only they let you switch out the summon to something a little less goofy and made the class available for another race.

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