Watching thru its not much differnt to the china release, is the EU server less censored, here nudity on tv is only 15+ and game says 16+ why murder all those costumes with lycra when it was meant to be skin.

As far as I remember the only actually censored outfit in the NA game is the pale stalker raiment. I had checked when I was first downloading the game and it’s only one people bitched about.

Lyn’s are my favorite, but honestly they look so bad with so much fabric on them , everyone looks so freaking flawless and show off skin and are “sexy” and “cute” .But Lyn’s barely show skin and they rarely have cloths that are some kind of “cute” , it kinda of annoys me but oh wells.

Sorry, you said uncensored? Cause this is censored as fuck! Can’t you see the random cloths hiding the ass curves? Is there some kind of patch to get the original Korean costumes? Cause this is fucking irritating.

typical Korean stale mmo. no end game just grinding with pvp and enough half nude Asian themed females for any Asian fetish basement dweller. better mmo’s exist and some better ones are coming besides B&S or Black desert.

feel like Tree of Savior is much better than Blade and Soul. Thats really all Blade and Soul has it going for them.. Strong 3D graphics, half naked female characters no memorable male character designs. No real end game content, the game is pvp heavy, but at the same time not entirely. I think the mmorpg that was the most pvp heavy was Dungeon Fighter online, but that game was mainly focused for the pvp and double dragon style look.

you dont just watch fashion, you partake in it. and these style probably already exist somewhere. Fashion can go all the over the place and i’m sure some creator has a collection that looks like rpg/fantasy game character’s clothing.

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