Also shiro could you do a guide on watering mechanics and ads ? there really isnt any good ones around and clanies are strugling with them.

The performance envy is strong~ Found your videos by chance and they’ve been a huge help. I love my KFM more than my FM or Sum despite being the least geared of the three. It takes a lot more effort to be good with KFM but when everything goes right you feel like a badass!

I’m tanking in most of my runs in here Enoll just had aggro at start, but you can see me tank it later until the end too. I think it ended up better this way, you can see both tank + dd viewpoints in one video.

Good tanking shiro! I cleared stage 6 10 times by now, but our tank isn’t as good as you in repositioning the turlte again after resetting the rotation. Glad to see you doing good miss perfect.

After that i tried to stay complietly out of the fight far away from the bossfight so alleast i wont have to deal with this. In the end my game was ca 3 minuts behind and when the fight ended for me my ping went back to normal like nothing happend.

Nice video Shiro, you had avarage fps, me my screen froze after he does the poison aoe even while i was trying to Tank the boss, but it is impossible during that lag all the time, even on low settings, i wonder if they gonna fix it. It is unplayable sometimes.

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