Mota Oddly enough I’ve found that Force Masters are pretty effective against Assassins, since AOE attacks are about the only thing that can counter stealth and Force Masters have a ton of those. All you need to do is trick them into getting close, use heatwave, freeze them or phantom grip them into submission, and then hit throw everything you’ve got. With luck and patience you can pull it off.

so fking funny! you killed me bro! I can keep watching this again and again and still die laughing. Awesome voice that just makes everything you say in reaction to whats happening to your character in the game so perfect!! loved it!!

BnS theres not a lot of grind df you gotta hella grind to even become decent at endgame. Your damage is basically balls until you get your AP to like 500+ which takes a stupid amount of grinding.

I usually don’t like rage-gamer videos or even gaming videos with any commentary, but in this case it was totally worth it! For the first time ever I had a lot of fun watching one of these kinds of videos. You were freaking hilarious!

i’ve been meaning to watch it for a while now but every time i remember it the name just slips out of my fucking mind! so just imagine how i felt after google searching katanamonogatari after 5 months of searching for it’s name to no avail and 4 weeks after finally giving up when some random but glorious guy just types in the comments section of a youtuber i just met today playing a game i just heard of today, the name of the anime i’ve been searching for freaking long!

its funny cause the first ever pvp i did in this game i won all my matches as a FM when i first got that quest to do 5 pvp matches  all i did was Pew Pew  freeze and burn them down, i was like hm i should really dodge these moves but fuck it i dunno where my buttons are.

One Off-Topic Question: Why do people on youtube always have so much space in their room? Like: A whole corner? Free from anything? Holy crap never seen something like that at any RL-Persons House before… Or is it just an american thing? Is it because I’m german? . . . Kinda curious here…

to answer, its specifically for YouTube… some people realize this video may be seen by hundreds, thousands and if lucky like this guy, millions of people… who wants a million views of a junky room? Im sure that in the flip side others uploaded videos with a room full of crap and have loads if views…

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