You know, as sarcastic as these videos are, your constant anime speeches are actually rather inspiring. After I watched your “Best Blademaster NA” video I actually went to the gym and worked out! I didn’t just stop either, see, I took the anime music you use in your videos and let it motivate me during the entire process. I have worked out every single day after that, and continue to do so even now. My current health and lifestyle is all because of you.

That’s only if you overwork. See, rest days is something you only do in case your body has no other time to recover. I do occasionally have rest days, but I allow my muscles time to rebuild simply through not exercising for more than an hour or two a day. That way I can spend the rest of the day relaxing.

hey there buddy, you’ve been having a rough time but don’t worry it’ll all be over soon, we’re gonna go for a walk in the woods(cocks shotgun) and all the pain and suffering will end, (tearing up) you’ll be the best blade master in heaven.

I’ve been looking around and cant find a place to send you fan art. I don’t know if its cause you don’t want any or something or maybe i cant find it but i would like to send you some if i could to show my appreciation for you putting a smile on my face every two weeks (give or take).

i hope that you’ll return to BnS sometime soon after watching this video and your pervious one,you never gave up until you truly achieved your goal of winning a match(#believe).I hope that in the long run well have an awesome 1v1 match,i’m looking forward to our match soon. PS.(Plz make more BnS videos in the long-run they are very funny and entertaining to watched).

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