This made me not want to get it. But then I remembered that I’m not a competitive player at all.
I heard BDO had a great variety of things to do even if you weren’t a siege/pvp sort of guy. Work takes up most of my time so I wouldn’t have the time to grind for hours every day anyway. I just want to get back home and do some fishing or crafting or whatever for half an hour or an hour and then go sleep.

korean mmorpgs are garbage and have been. i swore after 2moons i would never buy another and after playing some free trials recently of korean mmorpgs that have released since then and seeing that they are ALL THE SAME still….yeah, just stick to western mmorpgs.

Actually all the decent Korean mmorpgs were subscription based back then with cosmetic purchase only. But they were forced to go f2p to survive other cheap knock off f2p mmos flooding in Korea.

AION and Blade & Soul, and Lineage are still subscription based in Korea, around 29.99 USD per month. But they are all free 2 play in US.. why? because it is really hard for “new MMORPG” to pick up new users when there are so many “new f2p mmo”. Only way you have a chance of getting subscription based users is if the game has great IP like Star wars, Final Fantasy and such. Even then it’s still pretty tough. Even western mmorpgs are forced to f2p these days. Same shit, same mechanic, but different skins.

But the real reason they are turning into P2W, is to focus on Chinese market. Because that’s where the money is. It’s pretty fucking sad as I know there are actually good developers in Korea, but they are forced to make this kind of garbage for money.

Now only games I am looking forward to is Kingdom under fire 2 and Lost ark. I really hope I don’t get too disappointed with these two… till then, I will be playing WOW.

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