Black Desert Online is a Korean MMO that is being released in the west on the 3rd March 2016, in this video I will go through the Top 10 things that you should know before playing this game. This guide will help you to understand things that you can do to improve your gameplay.

Black Desert has some great features in the game but it is easy to miss quite a few as this game is quite complex! When BDO releases try to be as efficient as possible so that you can get a headstart!

Okay this seems to have caused some confusion, partial skill resets CAN be bought through the mileage shop I believe BUT a partial skill reset only does 1 skill, so you’d need a lot to totally reset your skills. I hope this clears up this topic a bit sorry for not being totally clear!

It costs energy to process stuff. And processing is a huge money maker if you have your nodes set up correctly. At high level processing, you wont use energy and you will have to use less materials to process stuff. So it will be a pain until you get it maxed. And sense they are balancing the economy around the fact that processing makes money. If you max it out, you will make more money than on KR.

Once you pay your 60 dollars and you buy the founders pack (really? Founders pack for a 60 dollar game?), you are just stress on their servers. To get money from you, they will make it pay to win so fucking fast, it’ll give you vertigo. They always do this. Don’t fall for it. They are already selling inventory space FFS. That’s okay in Blade and soul, a free game, but not this nonsense.

You can buy pets from the cash shop, not for in game cash as it stands. In the Korean version there is also a free pet given when you hit a certain amount of in game time, (I think 5k hours? Not sure). Later on in the games life pets may be purchaseable for in game money if cash shop items get unlocked for market selling.

I really want to play this game. Because it looks really beautiful and fun. But like. I’m just a 15 year old girl that doesn’t even have a good computer (I have a laptop) and all this information is just overwhelming. I think I’m too much of a noob to even try playing this.

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