I feel like you were the biggest most loved voice of the BDO community. You seemed very passionate and shared your love for the game. Its understandable how the recent decisions Kakao made have caused people to leave.. and now that you are here sharing your honest thoughts on the matter when you really enjoyed the game.. Its crazy to see how all these BDO fanboys are talking shit and throwing shade. Its okay to still love the game guys.. Let him have a fucking opinion. Hes not telling people to quit or forcing you feel a certain way FFS.

why will it die? you can still get everything u want in game without paying… I cant wait to see the first guy spend $300 on silver to fail PRI ogre ring 😀 id laugh so fucking hard.

with this change, it benefits free to play players which balance out the game more, the only down side is, it is borderline p2w as if kakao jacks up the price for costumes without touching the tax on costumes. I would say to tax the costumes 50-70% and jack the price up to around 50m.

The thing that pisses me off is that this is a pay to play game. If this was a free to play game I honestly wouldn’t give a shit if they went pay to win. I would still end up playing this game for its awesome battle mechanics even if it was pay to win, but since I gotta buy it first and then buy even more stuff just to make my life in the game a whole lot easier that shit just fucks me up.

Yea, from that one week that I played I enjoyed the combat a lot so if this does become f2p then I would love to play just for its combat and that’s it. But I’m not paying for game where the combat is all I’m after. The game has other great things but that involves lots of time grinding (which I don’t have) and may even cost some money to make it easier (which I don’t like since it’s a pay to play game.)

yeah you got it bro… the people whining are people that thing spending 3 hr’s a day grinding entitles them to Tet weapons and Tri ogre’s. the reason the are whining so bad is they don’t know how to make silver therefore people buying it will defeat them. maybe if they could play the game well they wouldn’t care at all.

The amount of morons defending BDO after all this, just crawling out of the woodwork, disgusts me. They just refuse to accept that we all got fucked and by doing that they pave the way for more shit like this in the future. Enjoy the dying game, until it goes f2p and all the 10 year all kids come rushing in that is… that will be fun for you. It’s just a sad day because no matter what MMO is coming out next, I’m pretty sure none of them will have the superb combat BDO or other korean mmo’s have. In any case, I’ll know what channel to check when they do come out, Keep up the good work .

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