Black Desert Online otherwise known as BDO is a buy to play open world sandbox MMORPG on PC recently released in the west for North America and Europe, since release I’ve played this MMO almost exclusively to try and form a full and objective opinion about the game.

Black Desert is a very complex MMO that takes a long time to learn as a new player, it boasts true action combat, an in depth crafting system and mass scale PVP however lacks in game cosmetics, a decent beginners tutorial and a fleshed out PVE endgame, This video is a summary of my thoughts about the BDO after 420 hours of play time, I’ve already covered this game in a first impressions video, journey to level cap and a top 50, this video is a culmination of everything I’ve experienced so far.

What’re your thoughts about Black Desert Online? can you get past the extensive amount of cons? or are the pros good enough to keep you playing? leave a comment below!

In this video I talk about Black Desert Online in depth after playing it for quite some time and experiencing most of what the game has to offer, In the first half of the video I talk about all the potential negatives in this game and in the second half I talk about all the positives with a conclusion at the end, there’s a lot to talk about with this MMORPG so bare with me and make sure you watch it through to the end.
Could Black Desert Online (BDO) on PC be a good alternative MMORPG to games such as Guild Wars 2, Archeage or World Of Warcraft? leave your thoughts on this game in the comments below!

Dont use fraps Reks ur fps and i think its uncompressed? Like the last time i used fraps the video sizes was freakin massive bro and my old shitty as hp potato laptop from 2008 could not play the videos without choking. Use obs studio it has nvec, x264, intel quicksync and amd h.264 or is it 265 now?. So your sorted for codecs there. More ram and faster cpu helps with recording though.

One important question. I don’t want to play this game like a regular MMO. I don’t want to do PvP or PvE (beside what’s required for my goal) etc etc . I’d like to be a full dedicated trader. Can you do it here? is this game deep enough for this kind of idea?
For example ArcheAge has a really dept trading mechanic, is Black Desert at least at the same level? Can it provide enough content ?

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