Black Desert Online otherwise known as BDO is a buy to play open world sandbox MMORPG on PC released in 2016 the west for North America and Europe, For the first month or so of release I fell in love with this game eventually quitting due to the endless grind and RNG however recently It’s been announced by Kakao Games that Black Desert Online will be going Pay To Win despite being a buy to play game with a premium subscription option and vast cash shop, players are protesting and quitting the game and I thought I’d make this video to show my support to the BDO community as well as talk about how Black Desert going P2W could effect the whole MMORPG Industry as a whole.

In this video I talk about Black Desert Online an MMORPG I really enjoyed at the start of the year and discuss the recent news about the game becoming extremely pay to win less than 6 months after its western release, I give you some backstory about the game for those of you who’ve never heard of it and explain how I think this game going P2W could effect the entire MMORPG industry.

Despite most of the BDO community hating me from my “Why I Quit Black Desert” video I genuinely believe that this game had the potential to be the best MMORPG ever made, sometimes I think back to the good times I had playing it and get sad about the RNG and bullshit that made me quit, I feel genuinely sorry for all the people who’ve put thousands of hours into this game only to be let down by the developers and publishers, RIP BDO.

You are a very brave man. The amount of hatred generated from the White Knights of BDO™ would make me quiver in my underpants. Truly. These are the guys constantly on forums doing “damage control” right now, and I admire their effort but they are losing this battle.

I quit because of getting killed all the time by players that are way higher level than me. I don’t like that others can just attack you anywhere. Other than that the game is awesome up until you’re marked for slaughter.

I have just a feeling that the ones who rant about all this p2w business the most are the hardcore user. For most of the midcore and below (considering myself casual) they do not seem to care that much about this stuff and are happy to find a way to get on pearl items without paying real money. Well in the end we have to see how it will end. I have no idea how much of the playerbase is hardcore but its often a small group.

its likely not greed its more survival. it takes years to develop a complex MMO. there is already huge sunk costs into developing this game. they may have not even recouped all of that money. people think that the company behind the decisions are naive they know that things they do will piss off the community but they’re in a position where they have to make shitty choices because the other option is to discontinue supporting the game. look how few servers there are for this game its very telling that the game is clinging on. Unfortunately sometimes you can do everything with the right intentions and never get rewarded for it as this game launched with a decent amount of content, unique gameplay, amazing visuals, good reward progression model, no pay 2 win, and yet it only managed tepid sales. where as scummy games like clash royale or league of legends which are pay to win from the start make a shit load of money.

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